Take a trip from Ferryside to Carmarthen Quay

A unique opportunity to travel up the River Towy

Join as we travel upstream from Ferryside (departing 17:30, 31Agusut 2023) to Carmarthen Quay along the beautiful River Towy.  The Towy is the longest river to flow entirely within Wales from its source in the Cambrian mountains, it runs 75miles (120km) before reaching the sea.

Spaces are limited and the trip is one-way only, (train from Carmarthen to Ferryside due at 18:50 to allow for your easy return*).

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* (train price not included)

Did you know?

In 1546, King Henry VIII granted the Town Mayor of Carmarthen the title of Admiral of the Port by way of a Royal Charter, from Carmarthen Bridge down to the bar at the mouth of the estuary.

Long before the railway arrived in Carmarthen, the River Towy was an important route from the town out to the Bristol Channel and Carmarthen was a very busy port where cargo ships would moor at the quay to load or unload their cargo.

During this time, the Mayor would be responsible for travelling down the river and inspecting the bar on Admiral’s Court day, they would hold a Court of Admiralty in order to establish how navigable the river is.

This tradition still continues annually to this day and is supported by River Towy Yacht Club (RTYC) based in Ferryside, on behalf of RTYC we are thrilled to be transporting the Mayor to inspect the bar for the second year in a row.

Exploring the rivers | Part 1 | Llyn Brianne

Here at Carmarthen Bay Ferries, we acknowledge and celebrate the diverse nature of our environment.
This is not only your Carmarthen Bay, but further afield too, the river matters, a great deal.
As you know, Carmarthen Bay is the confluence of three rivers, the Towy, Gwendraeth and Taf.
The Towy is the longest river to run in its entirety within the country of Wales (75 miles/120 km) and is magnificent and more vital to us all than you may’ve even considered.
Here, one of our directors (Andrew) took a walk around the area of Llyn Brianne Dam and Reservoir located within the headwaters of the River Towy and wow, what a place.
Here is a collection of photos, which hardly do the location justice and a little further North of the dam, is Capel Soar y Mynydd, one of the most remote, if not the remotest Chapel in Wales.
Not a single oncoming car in over 6 hours. Welcome to Wales! Croeso i gymru!
Check back soon, as we take further walks along this valley and associated rivers.
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Sunday 29 January 2023
We will be repeating training this Sunday with the lifeboat crew.
At Carmarthen Bay Ferries, we are committed to the safety of all on, or near the water.
Some of you may recall last year seeing us on the water being towed by the lifeboat? This was a training exercise arranged in advance and provided both our and the lifeboat crews valuable practice.
Nobody ever wants to have to call upon a lifeboat, but it is training like this which allows the crew to be best equipped to help those in need, at short notice and oftentimes in poor weather and sea conditions!
We look forward to welcoming passengers back on Glansteffan from 31 March.
For more information about the Ferryside Inshore Lifeboat and to support their worthwhile cause, visit their website or Facebook (Links below).

Yuletide & Calennig Services

We had great plans over the Christmas and New Year period offering Yuletide and Calennig Trips, combined with our popular inter-village ferry services.

We had hoped to unite the communities we serve during this time of year, however, the weather had other ideas!

As a consequence of the poor forecast during the last two days, we did not sail, and the forecast for the coming days is not much better.

The directors of Carmarthen Bay Ferries have therefore taken the difficult decision not to operate for the remainder of this week, (up to and including 1 January 2023).

We are of course keeping an eye on the forecast and will publish an update on 31 Dec/1 Jan.